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Guided walks in the City of London


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Andrea is a qualified City of London Guide, and a member of the City of London Guide Lecturer’s Association.


Originally from eastern Canada, Andrea moved to the UK in 2007.  The reason why? London of course. Andrea has been enamoured with London since her teen years. It only took two holidays to the capital before she made the move across the pond to be a part of this amazing city.


Andrea’s day job is in IT for a publishing company in the City. She finds guiding a great way to share her enthusiasm for all things London – its rich 2000 year history, transport network, architecture, and any and all other bits of trivia and interesting information.

Available Walks

I have the following walks available. These usually run as public walks a few times a year and are posted on Eventbrite. Any of these walks are available for private bookings.


For any enquiries, please drop me an email at

Publish & Be Damned: A Fleet Street History


Let's take a walk down Fleet Street to hear about the monks, knights, and lawyers who made this area their home in the middle ages, the rise of mass market book publishing, and how Fleet Street went from having the City's first printing presses to becoming a 24-hour news operation.


We'll meet the the typographic innovator who setup shop in Fleet Street, a famous collector of words, and a few of the book publishers who were based in the area.


Walk Duration: 2 hours

Meeting Point: Exit 2, St. Paul's Underground Station (by the Café Nero)

End Point: Near to Temple and Blackfriars Stations

The Crown & The City


When we think of stories of royalty, it's often Westminster that comes to mind. However there are many tales to be told in the Square Mile of royal events, various monarchs' relationship with the City, and some who tried (more than others) to change and influence it.


On our walk we'll hear about a royal debt that went up in smoke, King John's battle with a City baron, the nun who dared to challenge Henry VIII, and find out if the Queen really needs to ask permission to enter the City (and see a golden state coach that isn't hers!).


Walk Duration: 2 hours

Meeting Point: Blackfriars Underground Station

End Point: Bank Underground Station

Re-moved, Re-used, and Re-cycled City


Come and see that in the City, things aren't always what or where they used to be.


On our walk around the Square Mile we'll see places, buildings, and monuments that have had previous lives either as something else, or somewhere else. Some of the things we'll find out about include a Roman temple found by accident, a disused rail line, a grand garden decoration, and a mysterious stone on which the fate of the City rests.


Walk Duration: 2 hours

Meeting Point: Monument Underground Station, Fish Street Hill exit

End Point: near to Bank and Moorgate Underground Stations

City Highlights


A tour that takes in some highlights of the City of London. Explore ancient narrow alleyways, the City's administrative and ceremonial home for 600+ years, a finely decorated market, and of course we'll take a look at St. Paul's Cathedral as well.


We'll learn about the Lord Mayor, the livery companies, and catch up on the City of London's 2000 year history.


Walk Duration: 2 hours

Meeting Point: Exit 2, St. Paul's Underground Station (by the Café Nero)

End Point: near to Monument Underground Station

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